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Financial Coaching is powerful in Reaching Your Financial Goals!

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Savvy employers are aware that financial education is a great fit for the needs of their workers. “Financial Fuel” is the signature presentation that gives participants money-saving tips (like when debit cards are dangerous) and helps people understand how money works. It’s a sample of the topics, teaching style, activities and materials used in the longer series designed for the company.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching for individuals, couples or groups takes clients by the hand as they develop their financial skills. We uncover hidden talents that can be monetized to cover shortfalls in income. Participants leave with their own personalized action plan with strategies and actions to take in the coming weeks to improve their finances.

US Wealth School

The mission of the US Wealth School is to empower people with the financial knowledge, tools and vision to make sound prosperous financial decisions with confidence. The need for this knowledge has no relation to how much money a person earns or their education in other areas.

If you think an education is expensive, try ignorance about your money!
— Gwen Riase

Financial Education

The US Wealth School provides honest, impartial, non-biased financial information to adults and youth that help them understand how money works and how to make sound, prosperous financial decisions with confidence. The US Wealth School will empower people to impart that knowledge to their children and friends, so that future generations will live more prosperous lives than previous generations. Special attention is paid to debt elimination and additional income sources because they are major factors in determining the positive financial outcomes for clients.