5 Scary Money Habits!

5 of the Scariest things that happen to your money – not just at Halloween!

Eerie, ghastly terrible things happen at Halloween!  If you’re not careful about your money, it could shrink like a skeleton or disappear like a ghost.  Here are some creepy details of innocent, but costly tales of woe!!!!

 1) Not Saving It!
It’s scary how much money accumulates when you put your spare change in a bank or jar at the end of each day!  Could you use an estimated $175 to $300 each year?  If you haven’t used this little trick, where does the money go?  Maybe to the same place socks go, when they disappear from the dryer!  Do you dare take that chance?
 2)    Not controlling it!
Once Frankenstein’s monster was created, they had trouble controlling it.  If you’re charging more on your credit card each month than you can pay off, your “debt monster” is getting bigger and bigger and you’re losing control by the minute.  Don’t be afraid to take control of your spending with a spending plan.  All money received should be accounted for and assigned to cover all expenses, savings and emergency funds.  Don’t forget a “line item” for fun!
 3)    Not paying off debt!
Vampires are pretty popular these days, even though they’re known to take the life blood out of their victims.  If you don’t worry about debt that hangs on, you might as well open up a vein and let your money and blood trickle away together!  It’s absolutely frightening how many people plan for a special event and don’t plan to get out of debt!  Grab a bandaid and a pen and start the healing.
 4)    Co-signing for others!
A ghost could be lurking right next to you, following you around!  How would you know?  You’d never see it coming for you until it strikes!  When you co-sign a loan for a friend or relative, you are promising the bank that if the other person doesn’t pay the debt, you will pay it.  The fact that 1 in 4 people who co-sign, end up actually paying that debt is really terrifying!!  You never know if or when that “ghostly” possibility of owing someone else’s debt could strike you!  It could happen at any time; and you wouldn’t see it coming!  EEEEEEk!!!!!!!!  Don’t co-sign for anyone else.
 5)    Not seeking knowledge about money!
Have you ever had a horrifying situation keep you up at night?  You didn’t know how to solve the problem, so your solution is to just hope it goes away.  You were really starving for financial information, but didn’t know where to go to get it.  The horror!!!!!  Now you have Gwen Riase’s US Wealth School for tips, tools and tactics to make a real difference in your life!  Don’t let your piggy bank look like this!

If you’ve ever made an innocent decision that taught you a costly lesson, you know pain and stress when it comes to finances.  Contact me, Gwen Riase, for easy-to-understand, easy-to-begin ways to take charge of your money and get out of debt.

Make a happier, stress-free life for yourself and your family!