About Gwen Riase and US Wealth School

photo of Gwen Riase, founder of US Wealth School LLCGwendolyn Riase is the CEO of US Wealth School in Cleveland, Ohio.  She gives people the facts, skills and vision to understand how money works so they can make sound, prosperous financial decisions with confidence.

Ms. Riase found out the hard way how easy it is to rack up thousands of dollars in debt. What caused it?  Just a few innocent mistakes and lack of knowledge about money.  The cause was not shopping sprees or big ticket items which also can spell trouble.

So when Ms. Riase needed to figure out how to get out of debt and stay out, she used her strong research skills. (By the way, those research skills won her an Emmy Award when she was a TV Producer.)

Ms. Riase battled back to become debt free and now devotes her life to helping business owners lower expenses through enhancing their most valuable asset – their workforce.  She teaches employees easy, yet powerful financial strategies to have more money in their life.

Studies show that Financial Education in the workplace increases worker productivity, lowers healthcare costs and lowers employer liability.  Her upcoming book will show just how much a company can gain from such a seemingly unrelated effort.

People who have attended workshops from Gwen Riase’s US Wealth School marvel at how she actually makes learning about money fun!  Contact the US Wealth School to learn more!

US Wealth School

USWS-iconThe mission of the US Wealth School is to empower people with the financial knowledge, tools and vision to make sound prosperous financial decisions with confidence.

The US Wealth School provides honest, impartial, non-biased financial information to adults and youth that help them understand how money works and how to make sound financial decisions with confidence.  The US Wealth School empowers people to impart that knowledge to their children and friends, so that future generations will live more prosperous lives than previous generations.

Special attention is paid to debt elimination and additional income sources because they are major factors in determining the positive financial outcomes for clients.

Clients receive information tailored to their experience, age, demographics, industry and goals.  The need for this knowledge has no relation to how much money a person earns or their education in other areas.   Knowing how to make money, doesn’t mean you know everything about holding on to it.


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